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For Home: Fengshui consultations will bring improvements and harmony to all aspects of your life including family relationships, romance, the efficient working and harmony in the home, career success, prosperity and more.

For Business: Fengshui consultations will encourage opportunities for growth, attract customers to enhance working relationships and productivity.

Online Consultation with Architectural Plan of the Property 

Home: One-bed flat - £200-800 (according to the size and the complexity of the project)

Each additional room, garden - £100 

Business: One room - £500-1100 (according to the size and the complexity of the project)

Each additional room - £200

On-Site Consultation

Home: One-bed flat - £300-900 + travelling cost

Each additional room, garden - £100

Business: One room - £600-1200 + travelling cost

Each additional room - £200

Property Selection in 6 Months

Online Consultation for up to 6 properties - £600-1200 (in 3 instalments)

On-Site Consultation for up to 6 properties - £1000-2000 (in 3 instalments) + traveling cost 

We can help you find the perfect property that will bring harmony to all aspect of your life according to both your BaZi chart and the Fengshui. We're equipped to assist you with every step of property search from determining your needs, suggesting on potential locations to analyzing the Fengshui up to 6 locations. Once we’ve found the most suitable property, a detailed Fengshui proposal will be provided accordingly. 

Other information

✦ Bookings: please contact us by Email, Wechat or the Contact Form below.

Email: bazichina@outlook.com


We can usually arrange a session from 3 days to 1.5 weeks notice. 

✦ Birth data: Your date, place, time of birth and gender is needed. Your birth time should be as accurate as possible. However, many people have just an idea of their hour of birth and this can be worked with usefully. 

If your birth time is uncertain, there is a BaZi method of obtaining this. The fee is £100. Please note, this fee is added to the cost of the reading itself.

✦ Venues: Currently we do not offer face-to-face consultations in South East London anymore. We do consultations via zoom, skype or Wechat. All readings can be recorded. 

✦ Pre-payment: 50% Deposit is requested in advance via Paypal or Bank transfer in UK £ Sterling, or Wechat transfer in ¥ Chinese Yuan. 

✦ Cancellations: Please note you can only reschedule a session once. If you need to cancel the session deposit will be charged. 

✦ Beforehand: Formulating specific questions can help you get the most benefit from your session.

✦ Afterwards: If you have anything not clear or short questions after the session, please contact us by Email or Wechat within 5 days after the consultation. Brief answers will be provided according to questions. Anything else needs a 'formal' follow-up consultation to be booked. 

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